Exile is the fastest growing skimboard company in history!  The quality and style of these skimboards is unmatched!  Exile makes superb skimboards because they actually skim and have decades of experience!



The EX1 from Exile is the best skimboard you'll find under $300. Reinforced with high quality E-glass with great resin art!


Skill : Any


Size :  52.15'' x 3/4'' x 20 1/4''


Suggested Weight Limit : 140-180 lbs






Wavezone has been making great skimboards since 1990!  Wavezone is a company out of Florida, so you know they make exceptional boards for our state's beaches!  We have a great relationship with Wavezone, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this awesome company.



The "GT 52" is a part Wavezone's newest skimboard line, the "GT". This model is an Advanced Line board with premium fabrication. This deck features a blunt nose, sharp rails, and a pin tail.  The "GT" is very light weight, it generates high speed, and is responsive for all of your maneuvers.


Skill : Advanced


Size :  52'' x 5/8'' x 20 1/4''


Suggested Weight Limit : No Weight Limit


The "Fly 52" is a super responsive shape with a solid core and sharp rails. It has a wider midsection of the body so it stays broader toward the nose for a balanced ride.


Skill : Advanced


Size :  52'' x 5/8'' x 20 1/4''


Suggested Weight Limit : No Weight Limit


Wavezone's best selling board for beginners. The diamond tip tail gives more control with less drag and more speed.  



Skill : Beginner


Size : 38 1/2'' x 3/8'' x 19 1/2''


Suggested Weight Limit : 110 lbs


The Slash is 3/4" thick for maximum float.  It has a blunt nose with minimal rocker.  The Slash also has boxy rails with a tightly pulled-in tail gives ridiculous responsiveness in larger wave conditions.



Skill : Advanced


Size : 49'' x 3/4'' x 19 1/2''


Suggested Weight Limit : No Weight Limit


Apex is fairly new to the skim scene, but don't let that fool you, these boards are sick!  Apex uses great art work and superior craftsmanship to create every board!



AVAC series from Apex Skimboards offering a great transition board from beginner to intermediate. This 51" AVAC large is just as stylish as it is functional.  Woven E-Glass fiberglass with 5/8 high density foam.


Skill : All skill levels


Size :  46'' x 5/8'' x ??''


Suggested Weight Limit : 210 lbs


Zap Skimboards has been crafting incredible skimboards since 1983.  They have become one of the most established and recognizable names in skim boarding. Zap handmakes every board from Venice, Florida!



The Zap "Ace" is a classic high performance shape with new-school features for all skill levels.  The "SuperDura" bottom and tuned rocker make this board easy on the waves pocket, as well as yours!


Skill : All skill levels 


Size :  52'' x 3/4'' x 20''


Suggested Weight Limit : 200 lbs


The Zap "Wedge" is great for beginners and intermediate skimmers alike.  The Wedge is built using our "Composilite" construction for unmatched performance and durability, surpassing other boards in the beginner class.


Skill : Beginner


Size :  40'' x 1/2'' x 17.5''


Suggested Weight Limit : 90 lbs


It all started at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, California in 1976.  Victoria Skimboards has been producing nothing but stoke and great products for the skim community for 38 years!



The Foamie is extremely durable, and has an excellent wave riding shape. The 5/8'' thick polyurethane core with fiberglass wrap means this board is practically unbreakable.


Skill : Beginner - Intermediate


Size :  49'' x 5/8'' x 21''


Suggested Weight Limit : 190 lbs



These Grommets are as stylish as it gets!  This is a "Pro Style" board for a great price!


Skill : Beginner - Intermediate


Size :  49.5'' x 5/8'' x 2.51''


Suggested Weight Limit : 150 -190 lbs

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