Surf City



I tossed this idea around in my head for years, and then watched history repeat itself as I observed in my sons the same love of surfing and dreams of opening a surf shop that I had always had. Together, my sons and I kicked the idea around for another 20 years.









Fast forward to 2013. "Let's do it, Dad!  Let's really do it," turned into "What should we call it?" which turned into, "I found a storefront to lease," which turned into, "Mom, please don't worry, we can do this!"  Named after one of my favorite Beach Boys song, "Surf City," the Brazie Bunch opened the doors of Surf City Surf Shop on March 30, 2013.   

Not unlike many boys who were born and raised on Florida's east coast, I learned to surf at a young age, and spent every waking hour either surfing, or figuring out how I could get out of whatever it was I was doing, so I could go surfing.  Even when I slept, I dreamed of surfing.  And I dreamed of growing up and owning a surf shop.  

We are extremely stoked to announce that Vero Beach now has a surf shop!  If you need great surf gear and/or valid surf information, look no further than Surf City Surf Shop, Inc.  We actually surf, skate, and skim, so you know you are getting correct information about any of the great products that we carry!  We have the best prices around, so come by and support your local surf shop/family!