Wax and Sunscreen


Sticky Bumps

They started wax research in 1972 with a goal to make a better surf wax.  Twenty years later, their goal to have a great surf wax has remained unchanged!  Get some Sticky Bumps in your life!

Tour Series

Ultra sticky with great bump building formula. Preferred wax on tour, this wax is great for stick and hold!  



Find your inner artist with some Sticky Bumps "DAYGLO" wax.  100% all natural with tons of colors, so you can get wild with some artwork on you board!


Bubble Gum

The Bubble Gum Original formula was created in 1983 and has kept people wanting more ever since. It smells like bubble gum and keeps even the best of pros stuck to their board making Bubble Gum Surf Wax a favorite! Made in the USA with premium ingredients. 


This stuff smells great, and works even better! If you like to smell awesome while you shred, this is the wax for you!



Mr. Zogs Sexwax has been apart of the surfing culture since the early 1970's. This is a classic company, with a great product!  Made in the USA.

Quick Humps / 5X - HArd

Classic formula, Non-toxic, and a surfers go-to surf wax!  Great for all skill levels.  This wax even comes with a reusable "Eco Box" that helps keep your wax clean and ready to go!


Mrs. Palmers

Austrialia's leading grip since 1988!  Mrs. Palmers surf wax has always offered great traction, there is a reason its slogan is "The Best Grip Around". Not only does it stick like crazy, but it lasts much longer than most other brands!

Ultra Sticky

Palmers surf wax includes a "traction additive" that increases the stick and also won't wear out in the water. This means longer lasting, stickier wax that will keep your feet stuck to whatever board you ride!




If you're in need of a great sunscreen that won't come off AND will protect your skin for hours, Watermans Applied Science sunscreen is for you!  This sunscreen is meant for active people that need more than the average sunscreen has to offer!


Non-slip, zero migration, long lasting protection you expect from WATERMANS.

Very water resistant with up to 80 minutes per use!

Color : White

SPF : 30 +


Headhunter has been making incredible productions since 1989.  They have come a long way and have changed the sunscreen game  every step!  If you need premier sunscreen, Headhunter is for you!

War Paint

Fragrance free, UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection, with extra Zinc to insure complete sun protection for an extended period of time. Non-greasy and Paba free!

Color : White

SPF : 30 +

Face Stick

If you need a handy sunscreen that gives you superior protection for an extend period of time, get this!

This stuff can be applied in the water and stays on until you wash it off!  It comes in a stick so it's great for travel! Headhunter Face Sticks also stays visible on your skin so you know it's working!

Color : Clear/White/Skintone

SPF : 45+